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Allforus Born For Ice
Allforus Crystal Dream for Yontan

Ch Allforus Dice Master for Spitzcav JW ShCM

Allforus Frosting over Lekkerbek JW
Allforus Ice Princess Morvania
Allforus Lucky Lady for Yontan

Ch Allforus Magic N Ice JW ShCM

Ch, Ir Ch Allforus Roll of the Dice at Murmansk ShCH

Allforus Top Gun
Allforus Tumbling Dice JW ShCM
Allforus Xtra Special

Ch Amikirs Adorabubble JW

Ch Amikirs Bubblelicious JW

Amikirs Fabulicious Time
Amikirs Sweet Revenge

Ch Baleissa Catwalk Queen

Bargeway Keen to Rumble

Ch Bargeway Neat & Tidy

Bert Von Ricara

Ch Boreasvale Bargeboy