North of England Keeshond Club Open Show July 2004

Judge: Mr J Beacock (Kerraylin)

Kirk Deighton – Wetherby
18th July 2004

Many of the dogs were between coats and I thank those exhibitors that took the trouble to bring them along for me and for bearing any disappointments with good grace. However, the Keeshond is a coated breed and wherever decisions were close it was to the coat and overall colour that I went to make up my mind. Results are as follows – (with absentees in parenthesis)
MPD No entries
PD 3 (1): 1- Eggleston’s Martellkees Crackerjack at Ricara. At nearly 11 months old, this lad presented a compact & pleasing package with many fine qualities including strong colour and balance. He moved well too. 2 – Potts’ Desakees Moonlight. Another promising puppy of similar age with a fine coat. Of good size, he was always in with a chance but lacked a little co-ordination when let loose on the mats.
JD 1: 1- Foster & Pearson’s Venway Zeevaarder. A sound dog with the ring to himself. Fourteen months old and looking very mature he is a fine male with good colour and his handler got the very best from him. Moved extremely well too.
SYD No entries
ND 2: 1 – Martellkees Crackerjack at Richara. 2 – Venway Zeevaarder.
PGD 1: 1 – Hawkins’ Zarnika Ice in the Sun. Another very good mover, this lad shows promise. His full coat covered a sound body that was balanced and complimented by a high tail. Although alone in his class, he was always going to be tough to beat.
LD 5 (1): 1 – Hardcastle’s Boreasvale Blue Horizon. This kennel turns out good dogs and this 3-year old was no exception. A fine coat and masculine head that draws your attention immediately and, when added to the high tailset and excellent animation, he can hold his own with the best. 2 – Dean’s Keyscourt Tuckers Pride for Lekkerbek. This lad is no stranger to big-time success and he showed his maturity to the full. He moved like a dream and was in harmony with his handler at all times. A superbly balanced and masculine dog that was a little short of coat on the day.3 – Haworth’s Veelyn Enchanter.
OD 2: 1 – Lythgoe’s Ch Stratus Midnight Legend (BIS). A commanding dog that leaves little room for criticism. One hundred percent male in every respect with a proud head, great balance and well-feathered tail. His ring presence was overwhelming too but what really set him apart on the day was his solid frame and substantial bone structure that went right down to his cat feet. Although his colour was not the best on the day, he could only finish on top and it was well deserved. 2 – Rose’s Valindale Rum Punch for Esorkees. Despite competing against the BIS this dog held my attention for some time. He has a great male expression and the lovely eyes that we rarely see these days. He has good balance and a fine reach of neck. Like many others, his coat was not his best feature on the day but when the new jacket arrives he will well placed to move forward.
VD 2: 1 – Dean’s Ch. Neradmik Full Of Pride for Lekkerbek (Best Vet.). Don’t they grow up quick? One of my particular favourite dogs is now a veteran but he still looks good. Another dog that you could not mistake for being a girl because he is testosterone on legs. His outline shows what a fine job his breeders have done and, although he is darker these days, the sparkle and class is still there. 2 – Lush’s Dargrant Don’t I look Good. Just short of his ninth birthday, this dog presented a good picture – particularly on the move. His coat was full and possibly ready for shedding but, underneath he was sound as a bell.
BD 3: 1 – Lythgoe’s Ch Stratus Eastern Knight (RBIS). Litter brother to the BIS and it shows. Has all the characteristics of his sibling and, if I were to be picky, a little more settled on the move. I preferred his colour too but when the placings were being decided, he did not have quite as much ground clearance as his brother and had to stand behind him. 2 – Marfleet’s Flatmeer Flonkeren. Good and compact dog with great expression and dark eye. Moved extremely well but rather too dark to see the classic Kees coachwork 3 – King’s Kingkeesy Ringmaster.
SBExD 2 (1): 1 – Dargrant Don’t I look Good.
SBD No entries.

MPB No entries
PB 2: 1 – Keepin’s Desakees Moonbeam (BPIS). A lovely full and maturing bitch puppy. Eager and sparkling eyes looking out of a sweet expression and typical Kees head. Her colour was clear and defined, as was her overall outline. Not a lot wrong with this young lady especially in the expert hands of her owner 2 – Eggleston’s Martellkees a Love Affair for Ricara. A compact 11 month dog that seemed to enjoy her day over the mats. With a good high tail and sturdy build there is a great deal of promise for the future.
JB 4 (2): 1 – Curry’s Norkees Truly Scrumptious. An impressive bitch of good size. Her luxurious coat was well presented and matched her overall balance and outline. High tail, pleasing expression and correct ears, she showed that she can move well too. 2 – Burgess’ Venway Zoe with Reesburg. Although between coats, this eighteen-month bitch showed her class well. Always alert and eager, she moved like a dream and there was much to commend her on the day.
SYB 3 (1): 1 – Bratley’s Valkanties Cheap And Chic. Another young lady of good size with bone and construction to match. Well-coated, she has a beguiling expression that melts your heart immediately. Very feminine with good earset and neck reach. Moved effortlessly. Crawford’s Venway Zara. A good shape with strong features and great head. Eyes dark and spectacles well defined. Topline true & even and tailset high. Not in her best coat at present.
NB 4: 1 – Valkanties Cheap And Chic. Martellkees a Love Affair for Ricara. Venway Zoe with Reesburg.
PGB 3: 1 – Marfleet’s Flatmeer Fleur De Lys. I liked this lady a lot. She caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring and it is not difficult to see why. Her colour is strong and her bone is good. She has a feminine expression and tried very hard to please her owner all the time. 2 – Venway Zara. 3 – Hill’s Valkanties Chloe with Plymkees.
LB 4 (1): 1 – Brewer’s Neradmik Rumour Has It (BOS). What a poppet! Such style and class are rarely seen in the same package but this lady has it all. Compact and balanced, with a seductive expression, she twinkled like a star in the line up of the day’s strongest class and moved well too. Her neat ears, high tail and good colour will surely secure future success at all levels. But for the towering presence of the two winning males, and had she have been in full coat, she may well have walked home with more silverware. 2- Crawford’s German Greystars Highlight at Venway. A different dog to number one but no less impressive. Very good reach of neck and clear spectacles. Excellent construction with good bone and deep chest. Not at her best on the move today. 3 – Swift’s Keyscourt Another Diva.
OB 3: 1 – Pattison’s Eastkees Royal Sapphire. Another good bitch of the type I like. Good size and solid construction throughout. Sweet face and good earset. Moved well but lacking strong colour at present. 2 – Keepin’s Ch Desanti Iceberg. With her darker colour and sound movement, it was a difficult decision to separate this bitch from the eventual winner. However, her tail plume needs to fill out to restore her overall balance and it was the tiebreaker on this occasion. 3 – Rose’s Valindale Playing For Keeps at Esorkees.
VB 5 (2): 1 – Marfleet’s Colpatron Secret Dreams of Flatmeer. No problems with this 7+ year old. She has lovely markings and her coat was harsh and deep. Her overall balance set her apart and she had been well prepared for her day. 2 – Rose’s Casarow’s Designed By Calanigo. A smaller lady than the winner but pushed her all the way. Very close-coupled with one of the best tailsets of the day she has a great feminine head that disarms you immediately. 3 – Hill’s Rodina Coachella at Barj.
BB 4: 1 – Flatmeer Fleur De Lys. 2 – Eastkees Royal Sapphire. 3 – Lythgoe’s Stratus Mistress Of Majic.
SPExB 5 (2): 1 – Colpatron Secret Dreams of Flatmeer. 2 – Brewer’s Neradmik Risky Rumour at Helkeesen. A compact and balanced bitch with a good collection of features that show her class. Lovely expression and eyes plus a good demonstration of how a Kees should move.
SBB 1: 1 – Valkanties Chloe with Plymkees. Nice head and wonderful dark eyes. A little finer than some presented to me on the day but a good reach of neck and correct movement.

I thank the committee and members of the North of England Keeshond Club for their welcome and the hospitality extended to Stella and me during our short stay.

John Beacock
18th July 2004