02 Breed Notes – January 2024

At the beginning of November, I wrote that what had initially looked like a reasonable number of puppies being born had come to a standstill – and I wasn’t wrong. Initially, puppy registrations started to look promising with 12 litters being born by the beginning of May, but then that was it with just 7 more litters born after and none in the last 2 months of the year. Contributing to those numbers were just four unproven males and twelve maiden bitches.

For 2023, we ended up with just 19 litters born, resulting in 93 puppies – 44 dogs and 49 bitches; with at least 6 ‘misses’ although I’m 100% sure that total in reality is even higher. Of the 19 litters born, 10 were a decent size (2 x 8, 4 x 7 & 4 x 6) responsible for nearly 75% born and 12 girls were having their first litter; although there has been a high number of fatalities (12 – which equals 11% of all births) for whatever reason.

Last year there were 12 bitches having their first litter, 7 having a second litter plus and three litters were repeat matings. The same goes for the males. There were only 4 boys being used at stud for the first time and 2 males were siring their 5th and 10th litters. All of which will do absolutely zilch to improve our virtually non-existent gene pool.

On an even more worrying note, although there are plans being made, I don’t know of any litters ‘in the pipe-line’, meaning ‘no buses turning up’ any time soon. We really do need a miraculous puppy explosion if the breed is to continue in any shape or form and I really just can’t see that happening.

There is now almost a complete list of judges for this year up on the NoEKC’s website, with only a couple of shows missing. Out of all the (25) Ch shows we have offering CC’s this year, we only have (so far) just five judges awarding tickets for the first time in our breed and all of these give CC’s in other breeds

And now for some reminders!!
To those that haven’t yet paid – your subs are now due!! If you need any help or information on how to pay your subs electronically (Joint membership is £13 and Single £9) just let me know.
Entries for the Club’s open show (18th Feb,) close on 5th February. The show is now at Netherton Village Hall, WF4 4LR with online entries only (via Cavalier Impressions) closing on 28 January.
If you haven’t sent Trophy Steward Gill Brunt your claims for both clubs’ annual trophies, you need to get a wiggle on as she needs them now – preferably by Wednesday 10th January. Full details of how to claim & forms can be downloaded from the clubs’ websites or email her at gillianbrunt123@gmail.com.

Anji Marfleet