06 Breed Notes – Trophies 2024

Gill Brunt has finally got all the claims for the Club’s Annual Trophies sorted and the results for 2023 are as follows:
The Kultz Trophy for Top Kennel went to Ann Downs with 56 points; the Galdrik Cup’s Top Stud Dog was Ch Neradmik Family Affair with Lekkerbek with 166 points and the Galdrikette Cup for Top Brood Bitch was won by Liefkees Adina with 89 points.

The Vanglede Memorial Trophy for most wins at Club Shows went to Ch Amikirs Lovelicious with 19 points; the Duroya Trophy for top winning dog without a CC – Winklestar Alnair via with 72 points and the Ch Waakzaam Waalre Trophy for the Breeder of Top Junior was Jane Saunders.

The Ruyde of Rayverne Goblet for the Dog or Bitch winning most RCC’s was a three way tie between Ch Keitakees You Are My World, Ch Kichigai Only the Lonley and Ch Rossvale Endeavour to Esorkees all with 4 RCC’s and the Keetah Trophy for Top Junior Handler went to Callum Wright.

The Boreasvale Memorial Trophy for Top Veteran was won by Ch Rossvale’s Legacy for Lekkerbek with 67 points; the ‘Ferris’ Cup for Top Stud at Club shows was won by Ch Neradmik Family Affair at Lekkerbek and the Shelderon Cup for Top Brood at Club shows by Ch Amikirs Bubblelicious.

The Enreveyar Coffee Set for Our Dog’s Top Dog was Ch Kichigai’s Only The Lonley and the Enreveyar Cup for Our Dog’s Top Puppy was Neradmik Pandora’s Box. Full details of all the winners can be found on the Club’s web site.

A reminder please to all those who have yet to pay your subs – they are now due!! Joint membership is £13 and single is £9. Details on how to pay by bank transfer can be found amongst all the Club’s ‘stuff’ recently sent out or you can drop me an email for the info.

Anji Marfleet