09 Breed Notes – Feb 2019

Some news that has manged to quietly ‘slip under the radar’ – a recent announcement from the RCVS (Citation (2019) Canine surgical AI now a prohibited procedure Veterinary Record 184, 206. Publication history: First published February 14, 2019. Online issue publication February 14, 2019) which states that canine surgical artificial insemination is now banned and that their decision means any vet who performs this type of assisted reproductive intervention could be held to account by the RCVS disciplinary committee and struck off.

Surgical AI involves general anaesthesia and making an abdominal incision to insert semen directly into the uterus. The procedure has long been a source of controversy as it is a relatively invasive means of achieving an end that could be achieved, via less invasive interventions or naturally. The Kennel Club will not accept any registration applications whereby the litter was produced using the surgical method.

Transvaginal AI (TVI) or Trans-cervical AI (TCI) entails the use of a catheter &/or endoscope to administer semen. TCI can be time consuming but bitches tolerate it well and the semen is ends up in exactly the same place as surgical AI; so the success rate should be no different. It all depends on the expertise and skill of the vet and the accuracy of the blood testing, as there is a much shorter window of opportunity with frozen semen. With chilled semen, TVI is usually sufficient as it has a longer ‘shelf life’.

The RCVS advise that TVI insemination does not amount to the practice of veterinary surgery and, as such, may be undertaken by suitably competent lay persons. However, trans-cervical insemination is regarded as an act of veterinary surgery and may only be undertaken by a qualified veterinary surgeon.

At Crufts this year, Utility day is on Sunday 10th March and our Judge Alison Passmore (Torrikees) has drawn an entry of 84 dogs. Keeshonds are 2nd in the ring after 62 Schnauzers and our judging is in Ring 1 Hall 1 – the same as last year.

Also there will be a ‘table top’ picnic held around the benches, so all edible contributions and liquid refreshments will be gratefully accepted!!

If anyone would like to order the latest Book of Champions update 2000-2017 (price £20) for collection at Crufts, then please contact me.

Anji Marfleet