111 Breed Notes – Richmond 2017

At Richmond, Keeshonds were second in the ring after Italian Spinone for Swedish judge Dan Ericsson (awarding CC’s in the UK for the first time for keesies) and he had drawn an entry of 43 dogs. With no entries in veteran bitch, all three puppy bitch entries absent and a whopping 18 absentees in total; judging was over and done with by lunchtime.

The DCC with BOB was Melanie Harris’ Ch Neradmik All About The Boy For Watchkees JW ShCM (Ch Am Ch Kemonts Skylines Game boy (imp USA) x Ch Lady Godiva’s Guilty Pleasures with Neradmik (imp Fin)) Melanie and Toby also got a 4th place in the Eukanuba Champion Stakes from judge Kevin Young (Sunkap)

It was a 3rd RDCC with Best Puppy for Matthews & Ransley’s Szaryk Dutch Bargemaster with Valindale (Wund-R Y Workin For A Livin at Szaryk (Imp USA) x Keesridge Faithrustnpixiedust at Szaryk (Imp USA)) handled by David Matthews. This time they went one better and won the Utility Puppy Group under Judge Sandra Marshall.

From Limit it was a crowning 3rd CC for Ivan and Alison Passmore’s Torrikees Lust For Life (Ch Winklestar Hadar x Ch Torrikees Victoria’s Secret) Saffron won her 1st CC at Midland Counties last year from David Iley making breed history; at just 6 months and 10 days old she was the youngest Keeshond to have won a CC with BOB; her 2nd CC was won at Birmingham National this year from Mark Cocozza.

The RBCC went to the winner of Open, Geraldine Clark’s Byquy Pebbles At Kwajongen (Ch Klompens Who’s Your Daddy (imp Can) x Byquy Willma)

I had delayed my half yearly ‘Doom and Gloom’ report as the figures were so dire; but even though we are now almost three quarters of the way into the year (where has 2017 gone??) there hasn’t been much improvement.

During the first nine months of this year there have been only 12 litters born; resulting in 63 puppies – 35 dogs and 28 bitches with at least eight ‘misses’. One thing that has been noticeable is the difference in size of litters born; there has been 1 litters of 9 puppies and two with seven; but also 4 litters with five puppies, one with three and a singleton.

Whilst there are a couple of litters imminent and some ‘in the pipeline’ it’ll need to be a bumper autumn to keep the registration numbers up! It’s always a tricky one, trying to match supply and demand – but one or the other has to come first.

We just need to hope that enquiries keep on steadily trickling through; as I know that although a few breeders have got more than enough puppy enquiries; some breeders have had real difficulties this year in finding suitable homes. It’s not made any easier as keesie litters tend to be like buses; out of the 12 litters born so far 4 litters have been born with three weeks of each other – and this has happened twice!!

Finding suitable owners sometimes seems to be even more difficult these days with an ‘instant gratification and disposability’ mentality being almost the norm in some cases. At times like these a crystal ball would really come in handy; to ensure that they really are all ‘forever homes’!

Anji Marfleet