25 Breed Notes – June 2021

Well schedules are starting to appear thick & fast and decisions are having to be made – shall I enter, who will I enter, who has or will have a coat, that is the question! It will also come as no surprise that even nearly a year later, the unmitigated disaster known as the Kennel Club website is still completely unable to keep up with issuing registrations, transfers etc and so has had to issue the following press release.

As competitive events begin to open up as a result of the phased easing of some Covid-19 restrictions, The Kennel Club wishes to remind competitors that they can use the ‘Name Applied For’ (NAF), ‘Transfer Applied For’ (TAF) and ‘Change of Name Applied For’ (CNAF) facilities, if necessary, when entering dogs for competition in any of The Kennel Club disciplines.

Kennel Club regulations dictate that dogs entered for any form of Kennel Club competition must be registered in the name of the person(s) making the entry. If, at the closing date of entries, the owner(s) have applied for but not received confirmation of The Kennel Club registration, the dog shall be entered in the name shown as the first choice on the application form for registration and the name should be followed by the letters ‘NAF’. An example of this would be ‘Clarges Oliver Twist NAF’.

Similarly, if the owner(s) have applied to register an imported dog but not received confirmation of The Kennel Club registration, the dog shall be entered using the letters ‘NAF’ after its name.

In the case of applications for transfer of ownership, the dog should be entered ‘TAF’ where the application has been made but the confirmation of the transfer has not been processed. Similarly, if an application for change of name has been submitted but not processed, the dog should be entered ‘CNAF’. Examples of this would be ‘Clarges Jane Eyre TAF’ or ‘Clarges Jane Eyre of Greenpark TAF CNAF’.

Due to current operational issues which are causing delays in the processing of applications, for which The Kennel Club apologises, competitors are asked to note that litter applications are presently taking 28 working days to process, while applications for transfer of ownership are taking 24 working days. The office is naturally working hard to reduce these turnaround times, but competitors are kindly requested to bear these factors in mind until the situation improves.

The Kennel Club would like to apologise to exhibitors/competitors at forthcoming licensed events that the operational issues currently being experienced will impact upon the issuing of award certificates by our office across all activities, e.g. Challenge Certificates, Warrants and Champion titles.

For this reason, we are reminding everyone that it is permitted to enter events or classes where eligibility is dependent upon awards and/or titles which are pending confirmation, e.g. moving from Limit to the Open class at dog shows. Indeed exhibitors must do this. Also, in the case of Champion Stakes, exhibitors do not need to wait for their dog’s champion status to be confirmed before entering.

For any issues which may arise regarding eligibility, please email [email protected] We appreciate the patience and forbearance of exhibitors and competitors at this time and will provide updates in due course.

Anji Marfleet