31 Breed Notes – August 2022

This week my notes are a plea for help from Caron Bell & Val Tew.
In the first half of 2022, we have had 5 boys come through welfare, the youngest being 6, the eldest 11. In total the vet costs alone amounted to £1500. We don’t charge for our mileage or other expenses, each dog is health checked, groomed and cared for by Val. They also go with 5 weeks insurance from Agria. Every new home is checked by a volunteer.
Donations do not match our outgoings and we need to ensure they do!
• We notify every breeder if we have one of their breeding come into welfare, it would be lovely to receive a donation from every one of them who ask us to do the rehoming for them.
• When breeders request information for someone to rehome one of their own dogs, we would be grateful if they could send us a donation.
• If you wish your dog to be rehomed through Keeshond Welfare and you can afford a donation to help us continue this service for all Keeshonds then again we welcome donations.
• New owners of the dogs that go through welfare, could they send us a donation?
We are here for all Keeshonds, we have helped some dogs stay with their families by assisting with care, grooming, advice etc. please help us continue.
The bank now charges us for having an account and for every transaction, again taking away from our funds.
Please, please if you can offer us support, do some fundraising for us, these dogs need our help. We don’t receive any regular support from either club. We still have a healthy bank balance but if the deficit continues we won’t be in a healthy position for too much longer.
I am planning on organising an online Auction in the Autumn if anyone has any Keeshond Items they would like to donate, then please get in touch…
Thank you for reading this.

I suppose that as a numerically small breed, we all have got complacent about rescue; especially as in some years there have only been 1 or 2 Keesies needing to be rehomed. Whilst we have to be thankful that we don’t have to cope with the number of dogs coming in as other breeds; with the current economic climate unlikely to improve in the near future, everyone could see more dogs needing help. I think that the last major Keesie Rescue fund raising was at Sherborne – over 20 years ago!

As someone who has helped with rescue for more years than I care to remember, both with transportation and being a ‘last resort’ home for the golden oldies, I know the amount of time and effort it can take to get things sorted. All breeders (should) hope that our puppies go to a forever home, but owner’s circumstances can and do change and I personally think that as breeders we should ALL take responsibility of some kind. After all, we are all happy to take payment for our puppies aren’t we?

Anji Marfleet